Fundraising Tips

After you've registered, and taken the first step to Go the Distance for Autism, you are now ready to start fundraising! We want to make it fun and easy for you to raise essential dollars for our three programs. Try some (or all!) of these tips and let us know if you need more help by emailing

Make It Personal

  • Research shows that when you personalize your fundraising page with your story about your reasons for Going the Distance or even by just adding a picture of yourself or your team, your fundraising increases significantly. Tell your story briefly, be sure to use photos and remember to MAKE AN ASK for donations once your page is set up. 

Involve Your Donors

  • Use social media, send emails and texts, call your friends, and print flyers to spread the word. Being connected makes donors feel the power of their support for you and for the cause. Let your donors and supporters know where you are in reaching your goal, how hard you’ve been training for the ride, and other personal milestones.

Creativity Counts

  • Make sure your personality shows in your updates! Use social media, send emails and texts, call your friends, and print flyers to spread the word.
  • Hang a flyer in your gym telling people what you are doing and why.
  • Host a casual evening at your home and ask people to support your personal journey.
  • Talk to your club, local vendors like your dentist or nail salon, and/or community of faith and see if they will sponsor you or your team.
  • Ask your spin instructor to host a spin class as a fundraiser and donate the proceeds to your team.
  • In lieu of gifts for an upcoming birthday or anniversary, ask friends and family to donate to your team.
  • Contact your favorite restaurant and schedule a fundraising night for your team where a portion of proceeds are donated to the program you are supporting.

Your Company Can Help

  • Start with your supervisor or human resources contact to see if they will allow you to publicize your efforts within the company.
  • Other ideas include: requesting for a corporate contribution or sponsorship, asking your company to match your individual gift or every dollar you raise, and encouraging other riders from the company to form a corporate team.

Celebrate Your Donors

  • Make sure to thank donors as soon as they donate to you or your team. The system automatically generates a thank you email to all donors, but a personalized message is always appreciated. We’ve created templates for you that can be accessed in your participant portal.
  • Thank donors on your Facebook page or Instagram story with a general statement like “thank you to all my supporters for helping me Go the Distance for Autism.” You can also tag your donors to shout them out!
  • After event day, be sure to share pictures from GTD, share how much you raised, remind your audience of the work their donations support, and thank them again!

Let People Know How They Can Help

  • People are more likely to give when they know that the cause is important to you.
  • Don’t limit your mailing list! You never know who will be interested in participating.
  • Request a matching gift from your company and inform people who donate to your page that they can ask their company about a matching gift as well. 
  • Become a team captain and get your friends to join the efforts. More people...more power!
  • Ask again...and again. The tools on your fundraising page make it easy to see who has donated and who hasn’t.

Easy Giving
Make it simple for your supporters to donate by including your personal fundraising page link on all communications. Once you register, you can quickly and easily update your Facebook status and Instagram bio!