About Go the Distance

Whether you’re cycling 3, 10, or 15 miles, running, or walking, we are all Going the Distance together on Sunday, June 4, 2023 to help change the lives of individuals with autism.

We are gearing up to Go the Distance with you this year! We Go the Distance because New Jersey has the third-highest rate of autism in the country. We Go the Distance to raise essential funds for Alpine Learning Group FoundationEPIC Foundation, and REED Foundation for Autism. Together, we're supporting three leading programs on the forefront of autism care and services in Northern New Jersey. We Go the Distance so that individuals with autism and their families can have a brighter future.

Any distance makes a difference! We need your support now more than ever. Are you ready?


Autism is the fastest-growing developmental disorder, yet it remains vastly underfunded. According to the CDC, reported rates of children identified with autism spectrum disorder has continued to rise. In the US, the rate of autism is 1 in 36; while in New Jersey, a recent study estimates that 1 in 34 children is on the spectrum -- the third highest rate in the country.

Over the past 14 years, thousands of people in Northern New Jersey and beyond have raised nearly $8 million in support of these pre-eminent educational and treatment programs. Help us continue our good work! 

Research shows that when you personalize your fundraising page with your story about your reasons for Going the Distance, your fundraising increases significantly.  Tell your story briefly, be sure to use photos, and remember to MAKE AN ASK for donations. For more ideas on how to get creative with your fundraising, check out these fundraising tips.