How do I get to to the Go the Distance Ride? 
The GTD Ride begins and ends at Bergen Community College at 400 Paramus Road in Paramus, NJ.  More information about parking and timing will be available as we get closer to the Ride.

Can children participate without an adult?
No.  Children must be supervised at all times.

Can I bring my pet?
No.  Pets are not allowed at Bergen Community College, except for service animals.

Will there be refreshments and food?
Yes, a light breakfast is available for Riders and Volunteers and the Family Fun Festival features lots of great food.

What is the Family Fun Festival?
Our amazing, safe and welcoming Family Fun Festival is open from 9:00am – 2:00pm. It incudes food and beverage, kid-friendly games and activities and our sponsor pavilion.  Entry is free for all registered participants.  Non-participants are welcome to join us for $20 for adults, $10 for children ages 3-17 and free for children under 2 years old. You will be able to purchase advance tickets as we get closer to the event.  Check back!

Will I be able to park my bike?
Yes. Bike racks will be available onsite and riders are responsible for securing their own bicycles. Please provide your own lock.

Is there a place for me to rent a bike?
If you're interested in renting a bike for your Go the Distance Ride we will update this page as we get closer to the event with more details.

Are helmets required?
Yes.  Helmets are mandatory for all riders and this rule will be strictly enforced.

What Routes are Available?
Go the Distance routes are 10 miles, 25 miles and 50 miles.  We also have a 3 mile route and a short Kids Ride in the parking lot at Bergen Community College.  More information on our routes will be available as we get closer to the Ride. 

Are the roads being closed off for this event?
No. But there will be police and Road Crew presence at busy intersections along the way.

Will assistance be available on the long distance rides?
Yes. Support and Gear (SAG) vehicles will monitor all bike routes to provide assistance for riders who are injured or are in need of bike repairs.

Do you track participant time?
No.  The event is not a race and riders are encouraged to ride at their own pace.  
• Youth & Child Riders MUST be 16 or older to participate in the 50, 25 or 10 mile rides without a parent. 
• Riders 12-15 MUST ride with a parent at all times on the 50, 25 or 10 mile rides.  
No children under 12 are permitted on the the longer loops.
• All Children 16 & under MUST ride with a parent at all times while participating in the 3 Mile Route.

What happens if I get lost or hurt on the bike route?
Safety is our number one priority.  If you get lost or injured, call the number printed on your wristband to be connected to our Command Center so that we can dispatch help to you quickly. There will be a safety briefing before the Opening Ceremony.

Is there a place for me to rent a bike?
Yes, there will be an opportunity to rent a bike prior to the event that you will pick up on Ride Day.  Additional information regarding bike rentals will be available closer to event day.

How much is the registration fee and what does it include?
Registration includes participation in the event, an event t-shirt and access to the Family Fun Festival, which includes food & beverage, fun activities and the sponsor pavilion.

Adult Riders, 18+: 
Registration Fee: $50 (not applied toward your fundraising minimum)
Minumum Fundraising Goal:  $250* 

Youth Riders, 11-17 years old
Registration Fee: $35 (not applied toward your fundraising minimum)
Minimum Fundraising Goal: $100*

Child Riders, 10 and younger:
Registration Fee: $15
Minimum Fundraising Goal: None

*You are responsible for fulfilling the fundraising minimum even if you don't ride in the event.

Is the registration fee refundable? 
No. In order to keep event costs to a minimum, we are not able to refund registration fees.

Is the registration fee tax-deductible?
No. However, all donations that you or your supporters make are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Is there a registration deadline?
Online registration will close Thursday, May 30th at 4pm, but you will still be able to register at Bergen Community College. .

What happens if I don’t meet my minimum fundraising requirement?
The minimum fundraising goals are mandatory for all riders.  These goals are enforced to ensure that the event maximizes the efforts of the schools, the volunteers and the riders. If you do not meet your minimum fundraising goals, your credit card will be charged on June 30, 2019 for the remainder of your minimum requirement.  

What is a Virtual Rider?
A virtual rider is a participant who creates a fundraising page but does not actually ride the day of the event.  This option is available for those individuals who cannot attend.  Simply select the school you would like to support and click the Virtual Rider button to register. There is no registration fee for a virtual rider.

How do I start or join a team?
Select the school you wish to ride for at the top of the registration page, click on Start a Team or Join a Team and follow the registration directions.

I registered for the wrong team. What should I do?
Send us an email at info@gtd4autism.org with your name, the team you accidentally registered for, the team you would like to be on and the school(s) that are affliated.

Will my contact information be shared, sold or otherwise distributed to third parties?
No. All contact and donation information will remain confidential.

Will I be contacted by the schools on a regular basis?
Your donation is processed in the database of the school you support. There will be an unsubscribe button in subsequent mailings if you wish to opt out of future communications.

How do I set up my personal fundraising page?
When you register, you will automatically be brought to your Participant Dashboard so you can customize your page with photos, video and text.  There is a Help Link at the top of the Participant Dashboard but if you need additional assistance, please email us at info@gtd4autism.org.

Once a team has registered, is it possible to switch Team Captains?
No.  Unfortunately, the only way to switch team captains is to disassemble the current team and create a new one under that captain.

If you have further questions about the event, please email info@gtd4autism.org.

How do I make a donation?
To support a particpant, click here for easy and secure online donations.  

Are donations tax deductible?
Yes.  All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

What if my donors need a receipt?
Every donor receives a confirmation email as soon as the donation is processed.  This email includes a summary of their donation along with the Tax ID number of the organization. If you need another copy of your confirmation email, you may contact us at info@gtd4autism.org.

How do I handle donations by check or cash?
You may complete the Offline Donation Form, attach your check and follow the mailing directions on the form.  You can send in more than one donation in the same envelope but please complete a form for each check to ensure that the donation is applied to your fundraising goal.  Cash donations should be delivered directly to the school with a completed offline donation form.

I made a donation to the wrong person or wrong team. What do I do?
Send us an email at info@gtd4autism.org with your name, the rider or team name you donated to, the correct name or team and the school(s) affiliated.

I’m not sure which school I should donate to. Is there an option to donate to all four schools?
Yes. You can go to the Registration Page and select “I’m Riding for All Four Schools." Once you are on the landing page, click on the Donate button and follow the directions.

How do I get a matching gift from my company?
Most companies use a matching gift form with one portion to be completed by the employee and then forwarded to the organization for completion.  For checks, complete the matching gift form from your company and the Offline Donation Form and mail everything to the school address that you are supporting.

For further questions about the donations, please email info@gtd4autism.org.

How do I volunteer for the event?
There are two ways you can volunteer, as a Site Volunteer at Bergen Community College or as a Road Crew out on the routes. Click here to learn more about volunteer roles and register.  In order to register, you will need to sign a waiver and select a volunteer assignment and time.

Is there an age requirement for volunteers?
Yes. Volunteers must be 14 or older and the waiver must be signed by a parent for all volunteers under 18. Volunteers under 18 must be accompanied by an adult, however, one adult may supervise up to 8 youth volunteers.

Will I receive a community service letter for volunteering for the event?
Yes. Every volunteer will receive a Volunteer Proof of Involvement letter stating they volunteered at the 2019 Go the Distance for Autism Bike Event for the completed hours of their volunteer shift(s). 

Are you able to volunteer for more than one shift?
Yes. You may volunteer for multiple shifts as long as they do not overlap.  

How do I know my volunteer assignment and shift time?
Volunteers will receive a thank you email upon registration and will be contacted by our crew and volunteer manager within two weeks of registering.  At this time, they will discuss your volunteer team choices with you and officially assign you to a volunteer team and shift time.  Two weeks prior to the event, all volunteers will receive event information to include parking and directions, along with their confirmed assignment and shift time via email.

What do I do if I need to change or cancel my volunteer assignment?
If you need to change or cancel your volunteer assignment, please do as soon as possible by emailing volunteer@gtd4autism.org

If I am signed up to volunteer, may I bring friends/family to volunteer on the day of the event?
No.  We ask that all volunteers sign up prior to the event. There is a limited number of volunteer t-shirts and thank you gifts and we cannot accommodate walk-in volunteers.

For additional questions regarding volunteers, please email volunteer@gtd4autism.org

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